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Saturday 2nd July 2022

Sporting Statistics Horse Racing Race Guide

In this horse racing race guide section on sporting statistics, you can dig deeper into each race, simply use the drop-downs from below to select which race you wish to look at. You will then be presented with a complete horse racing race guide for the selected race, first of all you will see the qualifiers for that race along with the usual statistics for trainer, jockey, combo and race with additional stats available via the ‘Stats’ link.

To give you a sporting chance of finding the winner next you get the Stat-alicious (Good) and the Stat-rocious (Bad) for the race, these may full under course, trainer or jockey which will give you a guide as to the best stats on the race. Then finally you are given the remainder of the field.

13:35 Haydock

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Runner Trainer/Jockey Race/Combo Odds/Result Chance
Declan Carroll
Harrison Shaw
  • R1
  • SilksGannon GloryDeclan Carroll: 19-123 (15%) -16.39
    Harrison Shaw: 13-63 (21%) +5.20
    Race: 19-77 (25%) +15.91
    Combo: 1-7 (14%) -2.70
    4th (of 7)
    at 5.50
    Lost Icon36.94%
    Andrew Balding
    Harry Davies
  • R2
  • SilksSir Henry CottonAndrew Balding: 63-318 (20%) -50.85
    Harry Davies: 4-15 (27%) +11.36
    Race: 13-73 (18%) -0.86
    Combo: 0-1 (-1%) -1.00
    2nd (of 7)
    at 4.00
    Placed Icon32.02%


    SilksSir Henry Cotton 23-79 (29%) +23.57
    Andrew Balding (Race which is a Handicap for 3yo)
    SilksGannon Glory 11-39 (28%) +16.75
    Harrison Shaw (Runners Over The Same Trip)
    SilksSir Henry Cotton 14-57 (25%) +11.89
    Andrew Balding (Races in July)
    SilksGannon Glory 7-18 (39%) +11.88
    Harrison Shaw (Races With Fields of 6-8 Runners)
    SilksGannon Glory 7-24 (29%) +8.42
    Declan Carroll (Races On Good to Soft Ground)
    SilksSir Henry Cotton 17-61 (28%) +4.60
    Andrew Balding (Runner Off A Break of 15-21 Days)


    SilksSir Henry Cotton 82-517 (16%) -64.93
    Haydock (Runners Over The Same Trip)
    SilksGannon Glory 48-261 (18%) -36.61
    Haydock (Runners Up 1 Classes)
    SilksSir Henry Cotton 11-108 (10%) -36.58
    Haydock (Runners With 16-20 Career Starts)
    SilksSir Henry Cotton 24-145 (17%) -36.54
    Andrew Balding (Runners Over The Same Trip)
    SilksSir Henry Cotton 37-224 (17%) -28.14
    Haydock (Race which is a Handicap for 3yo)
    SilksSir Henry Cotton 11-74 (15%) -27.29
    Andrew Balding (Races In Class 4)

    Non Qualifiers

    Runner Trainer Jockey Win Place
    Declan Carroll
    Harrison Shaw
    Andrew Balding
    Harry Davies
    Owen Burrows
    David Probert
  • R3
  • MeredifOwen BurrowsDavid Probert5th (of 7) at 4.50Lost Icon
    William Muir & Chris Grassick
    Robert Havlin
  • R4
  • SwayzeWilliam Muir & Chris GrassickRobert Havlin1st (of 7) at 4.20Won Icon
    Robert Cowell
    George Bass
  • R5
  • Little EarlRobert CowellGeorge Bass6th (of 7) at 23.00Lost Icon
    Ronald Harris
    Cieren Fallon
  • R6
  • Glamorous ExpressRonald HarrisCieren Fallon3rd (of 7) at 6.50Lost Icon
    Robert Cowell
    Ray Dawson
  • R7
  • SolotovRobert CowellRay Dawson7th (of 7) at 41.00Lost Icon