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Friday 4th December 2020

Sporting Statistics Horse Racing Race Guide

In this horse racing race guide section on sporting statistics, you can dig deeper into each race, simply use the drop-downs from below to select which race you wish to look at. You will then be presented with a complete horse racing race guide for the selected race, first of all you will see the qualifiers for that race along with the usual statistics for trainer, jockey, combo and race with additional stats available via the ‘Stats’ link.

To give you a sporting chance of finding the winner next you get the Stat-alicious (Good) and the Stat-rocious (Bad) for the race, these may full under course, trainer or jockey which will give you a guide as to the best stats on the race. Then finally you are given the remainder of the field.

13:30 Exeter

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Runner Trainer/Jockey Race/Combo Odds/Result Chance
Paul Henderson
Tom OBrien
  • R1
  • SilksCrossley TenderPaul Henderson: 1-16 (6%) -5.04
    Tom OBrien: 34-131 (26%) +19.46
    Race: 9-29 (31%) +8.17
    Combo: 1-3 (33%) +7.96
    Win: 2/1
    Place: -
    Fergal OBrien
    Connor Brace
  • R2
  • SilksAvoid De MasterFergal OBrien: 12-68 (18%) -24.63
    Connor Brace: 3-22 (14%) -10.16
    Race: 5-26 (19%) -8.89
    Combo: 1-7 (14%) -4.52
    Win: 11/4
    Place: -


    SilksCrossley Tender 12-47 (26%) +19.21
    Exeter (Races With Conditions (Novice) (Hurdle))
    SilksCrossley Tender 9-36 (25%) +8.46
    Exeter (Runners With A Hcp Mark Between 107-111 (Hurdle))
    SilksAvoid De Master 10-38 (26%) +6.84
    Exeter (Races With Fields of 4-6 Runners (Hurdle))


    SilksAvoid De Master 1-40 (3%) -38.01
    Exeter (Runners With A Hcp Mark Between 110-114 (Hurdle))
    SilksAvoid De Master 32-277 (12%) -33.71
    Exeter (Race which is a Handicap Hurdle)
    SilksCrossley Tender 7-56 (13%) -29.08
    Exeter (Runners Down 1 Classes (Hurdle))
    SilksCrossley Tender 9-61 (15%) -25.55
    Exeter (Race With A Hcp Range 0-115 (Hurdle))
    SilksAvoid De Master 1-28 (4%) -25.20
    Exeter (Races in December (Hurdle))
    SilksCrossley Tender 2-41 (5%) -24.94
    Exeter (Runners With 16-20 Career Starts (Hurdle))

    Non Qualifiers

    Runner Trainer Jockey Win Place
    Paul Henderson
    Tom OBrien
    Fergal OBrien
    Connor Brace
    Philip Hobbs
    Micheal Nolan
  • R3
  • Shantou SunsetPhilip HobbsMicheal Nolan10/1-
    Fergal OBrien
    Paddy Brennan
  • R4
  • Huntsmans JogFergal OBrienPaddy Brennan5/2-
    Nicky Martin
    Brendan Powell
  • R5
  • Jog OnNicky MartinBrendan Powell15/2-