Sporting Statistics - Horse Racing Daily Bets

What are the Sporting Statistics Horse Racing Daily Bets?

Each day on Sporting Statistics we offer free daily computer-generated bets. The suggested bets come from the compiled horse racing ratings in which the system will look for the best bets for the days racing.

What is a Nap?

A Nap is a term used to describe the best bet of the day, so the system will run through all of todays horse racing ratings, looking at things like past performances from similar runners at the course, with the trainer and with the jockey and pick out the best runner for the day to back.

What is a NB?

The NB is like the Nap, the system will run the exact same process looking for a runner to back but instead of the best of the day, this is the Next Best (NB) bet of the day. A lot of backers will choose to double up the Nap and Nb which is why we include it.

What is a Lucky 15?

The Lucky 15 is a multiple bet which contains four runners with the bet consisting 15 different bets. There are 4x singles, 6x doubles, 4x trebles and 1x four-fold. This is a bet popular with those looking to hit a big win! Hitting just 1 winner from 4 will produce a return, hitting 2 winners will bring a double into play and so on.